Our Profile

Chopra Detective Agency is a full service detective agency, providing private investigation services to individuals, corporates and organizations over a wide range of espionage and surveillance activities. We provide investigation for criminal cases, forensic tests, bank frauds, employee verification, competitors investigation, insurance claims, matrimonial verifications, Polygraphs test and services, lie detection test services and more. The entire report of investigation and the name of the clients are kept strictly confidential and discreet in any circumstance.

We understand that our growth and success is the result of the efforts of many people working towards a common goal. We acknowledge every individual's contributions and encourage each other to work to the very best of our individual and collective abilities.

Mr. Chopra is a person with high integrity and dedication. We guarantee your satisfaction, and the confidentiality of your case is our primary concern.


Meeting Your needs for covert information...

Why Chopra Detective Agency?

We have a diligent team of trained professionals, selected and screened investigators who are equipped with all latest high-tech investigation equipment and have undergone the extensive training to perform with sincerity. We have trained our team with several tools in order to generate the best results in the shortest possible time.

Customized Service Offering
We offer a wide range of comprehensive services that are customized in accordance to our clients' requirement. The services include private and confidential investigations such as pre and post employment screening, pre and post matrimonial verification, infringement of trade mark, patents, copyrights, litigation support and assets verification etc. We ensure that every service delegated is planned exactly in accordance to client's specifications.

We augment our investigation with documentary and other concrete evidences.
We offer a complete package of services where every investigation will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and presented in an easy to read report. We support very report of ours with relevant evidences that suffice the truth investigated.

We conduct Prompt & Efficient Investigation
With our in-depth industry knowledge, we understand that prompt & efficient service ensures our reliability & credibility in this competitive industry. On the other hand, our clients would also like to get their assignment done successfully within the stipulated time frame. So, we ensure to provide quick and efficient services, as we understand that it is not practical to wait for a long to obtain the required information.

We hold Integrity of Services
We hold the expertise in completely protecting our client's confidentiality, so that, if required, there is external or intrusion in the nature of our operations. We ensure complete and total information security. All our services comply with an ethical and moral code by exhibiting truthfulness and fairness in all dealings and operate not only within the jurisdiction of law. private detective agencies Delhi, detective agencies in Delhi, private detective services India

Our Network
Our sphere of private investigation activities is quite pronounced not only within the State but also in the neighboring States like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh as well. We are involved in rigorous investigative services in these States. We are truly a global agency, traveling to any place around the world to get the relevant information our client needs.